Our Family

Our Family


 When we began our life together, it was just us two.

We were so much in love; there was nothing we couldn’t do.

 After years passed and we fulfilled our dreams,

We made a family, and then we were three.

  When I became a mother, something changed drastically in me.

Surprised by motherhood and how it changed my future,

Things seemed so much better, when I had a child to nurture.

  I didn’t even realize how much joy a child could actually bring.

We thought we had it all, until we were blessed,

And chosen to take care of a little human being.

  We feel complete with the overwhelming love we have for you.

We thought we had that love before, when it was just us two.

  Who could have known you brought a missing piece into our lives.

I’m so happy to share with others that I’m a mother and a wife.

I feel so fortunate and fulfilled as we make our future.

It might just be us three, but I’m so proud to say, “This is our family.”



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