My Advice To You

My advise to you.png white copyright


Do the best you can and live day by day.

This is my advice to you, my beautiful daughter.

Take the time to breathe the air and feel the wind blow through your hair.

Treat people with kindness and have helpful hands.

Feel grateful for what you have and give as much as you can.

It’s not how bad the storm is, but if you can dance in it while it passes,

this is going to be the key to life and true happiness.

Shhh…be still and listen. Do you hear His words?

Open your eyes. Have you seen the blessing you have been given?

When you give Him that glory, He will beam down on you.

You will learn this by having faith in God.

He will guide you through it all, sometimes big or small.

My dear daughter, just remember the sky above you has no limits

and there is nothing you can’t do.

This, my beautiful daughter, is my advice to you.

With all my love,



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