Reading books to Brooke was one of my favorite things to do when she was little. Brooke had her favorite books and learned how to read, but it seemed she was not as interested as I would have liked her to be.

I decided that I wanted to start writing books for and about Brooke so she would be more interested in reading. I created a book about when I was a little girl, Brooke’s adventure in kindergarten with her class mascot, and the day we saw a crow on the beach. But my favorite book of all is the first one I ever wrote which is about a little girl called Jenesis. These stories came from journaling and all the experiences Brooke and I had together. There are so many other stories that Brooke has inspired me to write. They are all written down and are ready to be created. I’m hoping Brooke will collaborate with me one day to make them come alive, but first things first, I have to start somewhere.

I have envisioned full-color illustrations for each of these books and I plan to self-publish. With that goal in mind, I have started a funding campaign with GOFUNDME to help me raise the money to hire illustrators for each of these books.

The first book I plan to have illustrated and published is through a publishing package I won 3 years ago from Friesen Press. This book is When I Was A Little Girl A-Z. This is a book I wrote for children to read at a preschool level. Once this book is illustrated and published I would like to get illustrators for the other books I mentioned.

If you would like to help make these books a reality, go to GOFUNDME – your help would be greatly appreciated!

I am hoping that soon there will be a place on this page for information on how to purchase one of the finished books.


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