Making A New Friend In Fall

Fall friendcollagecopyright


Fall is a great time to make a new friend


Change Of Seasons

Fall Poem 2011s


I watch you in the warm afternoon breeze, shaded by the trees,

Enjoying the last days of summer.

Fall is in the air…

Autumn’s mosaic colors will soon paint the land.

The fall leaves will play and dance upon the ground.

It’s a beautiful panoramic portrait to view,

The amazing symphony of sounds that autumn brings to me and you.

A splendid picture of beauty, love, and harmony,

Autumn will soon be here…

It is absolutely our favorite time of the year!


Jen Bird Fly



Jen bird fly, open your wings, fly high, until you reach the rainbow in the sky.

Follow the rainbow to the place called, “There is nothing you can’t do.”

This place will give you inspiration, encouragement, peace, and gratitude.

  Jen bird fly, open your wings; fly as far as you can and set yourself free.

  A girl with poems in her head and tears in her eyes, tweet out, little bird, sing out loud.

  When you fly past the rainbow, you will reach a protected cloud.

  This will feel like a perfect place to tweet out, little bird; sing from your heart.

~Jennifer Huber

God Will Give You The Grace

The Grace of God

If you were to be anything and find success, what would you be?

Believe in yourself and the power of your own resolve to overcome obstacles.

With this in mind, you can accomplish truly amazing things in life.

Let God’s light shine upon your face.

He will give you the grace to adjust in this challenging world,

The grace to do what you know you cannot do alone.

He will be there helping you do anything you set your mind to do.


Promis of the future pscopyright


A daughter is a happy memory of the past,

The joyful moments of the present,

And the hope and promise of the future.

~Author Unknown


Precious Sweet Hands And Feet

hands and feet white copyright


Once upon a time you had precious sweet hands and feet,

Watching you grow so fast, catching every moment in my heart,

Desperately trying not to miss a beat.

  Your little hands will grow strong and helpful and touch the lives of others.

Your feet will walk through life and explore the world and its experiences.

  The years have gone by so fast and in a blink of an eye,

You soon will go on your way.

As long as God is watching over you, I know that you will be okay.


Thank you Godps2Final


Thank you, God, for watching over me.
My parents would like to thank you also.