Jen bird fly, open your wings, fly high, until you reach the rainbow in the sky.

Follow the rainbow to the place called, “There is nothing you can’t do.”

This place will give you inspiration, encouragement, peace, and gratitude.

Jen bird fly, open your wings; fly as far as you can and set yourself free.

A girl with poems in her head and tears in her eyes, tweet out, little bird, sing out loud.

When you fly past the rainbow, you will reach a protected cloud.

This will feel like a perfect place to tweet out, little bird; sing from your heart.

~ Jennifer Huber

Listen to one of my favorite songs below:



Our Dreams

Our Dreams 2014 copright white


2014 is the year that will bring us all our dreams.
Let’s dream big together!
Let’s grow strong together!
Let’s do this together because we are a perfect team.
I’m looking forward to making it happen with you by my side.
There is nothing I’d rather do than fulfill our dreams,
And make memories with you.

With all my love,



My Favorite Valentine

My Favorite Valentineps copyright final


Red roses are one of my favorite flowers.
A box of chocolate is deliciously sweet.

But you, my daughter, are the perfect Valentine.

It’s your gift of love that you brought into my life,
that makes me feel complete.

Thank you, my Valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day
With all my love,



My Funny Valentine

Be Mine copy right 2


Are you asking to be mine,

My funny little Valentine?

And of course, I’m all yours.

Love and kisses,



My Silly Little Shamrock

shamrock copryright


My silly little shamrock, I love your smiling face.

I will never get tired of the sounds of your laughter,

And the dimples that appear on your face.

Holding and giving you hugs tightly in my arms,

I will never let go of you, my silly little shamrock.

You will always be my lucky charm.



Let’s Make A Rainbow Together

Rainbow Poem copyright white

Rainbow Poem 2 copyright white


Let’s make a rainbow just you and me.
We can paint the sky with beautiful colors,
While we dance and sing out poetry.
Together we can admire our masterpiece,
Our endless rainbow, our colorful journey together.
We have found our pot of gold at the end,
Our love as a mother and daughter.



To Grandma With All My Love

Grandma copyright


You should have been born with wings, my wonderful grandma, my loving abuelita. We have been so blessed to have you in our lives.

Your words of wisdom have not been ignored, for I have learned so much from you. The advice you have given me has helped me make good choices and make the decisions about right things to do.

You provided me with the understanding that things will be glorious at times as well as difficult and disappointing. This advice has guided me through some very challenging times.

Your love of God and strong faith is what you speak out to us. I have listened. You promised me it would work, and I believed you.

I have walked the pathway that you directed me to and everything you said has been true. This has made me a better person and it’s all because of you.

When I think of love, you come to mind. I have so many memories of you I would like to rewind.

My memories of my childhood make me feel so grateful. You provided me with your safety, your nurturing words, and your loving touch. You always took care of me, for that I feel thankful.

“Are you sure, Grandma, you weren’t born with wings?  Are you hiding them? I know you are.”

“Grandma, please show them to me, just as you have shown me everything else in my life.”

With all my love,

Your grateful grandchild,


Grandma And Grandpa Together Again

Grandma and Grandpa together again copyrightps

Grandma flew with her wings to heaven.

She has arrived at her new destination with smiles and laughter.

She has reunited with Grandpa once again,

beginning their new journey happily ever after.

Holding hands, looking upon us all, and celebrating their creations.

The amazing lives they’ve created together of four generations.

Heaven must be a busy place right now with Grandma and Grandpa,

sharing stories with the angels and bragging about us all.

So let us prove to them that we came from the best,

living our lives celebrating their gift of our lives by doing our best.

Do you agree my beautiful family?

With all my love,



Your First Spring

My first spring collage copyright white


Your first spring was amazing, watching

 you become aware of flowers blooming and butterflies flying,

seeing you sense the clean air and sunshine,

making you happy and bringing smiles to your face.



As I Watch You Bloom

Brooke springs poem


 As I watch you grow, I cannot believe my eyes.

I watch you grow in amazement!

You are like a flower opening from its bud.

Your petals unfold perfectly but so quickly.

I don’t want to miss a moment watching you bloom.

You are the most beautiful flower I have ever seen!

Brooke, my beautiful daughter, my favorite flower,

I did not pick you. You were given to me.



Hello Easter Bunny

Hello Easter Bunny watermark


Hello, Easter Bunny, I am here!

I would like to meet you.

Are you near?



One Footstep At A Time

2007 One footstep at a time collage.pngwhite copyright


There is no better feeling then a mother’s warm hug,

Or holding her hand tightly as you walk.

Her smile speaks to you without words.

Her eyes gaze at you with love.

The pathway and the journey she guides you through,

One footstep at a time.



Mommy I Love You

2009 Mothers Day Poem to Mommyps copyright


I’m looking at you,

with my eyes so blue,

telling you Mommy,

“that I love you.”



I Pick Pink

I pick pink collage.jpgwhitecopyright


God came to me and asked me a simple question.

Do you like pink or blue?

I paused for a moment and made a decision.

“I like pink,” I replied… and then there came you.

Then I thought, Oh my goodness how rude of me.

Should I have said please and thank you?



Our Family

Our Family


 When we began our life together, it was just us two.

We were so much in love; there was nothing we couldn’t do.

 After years passed and we fulfilled our dreams,

We made a family, and then we were three.

  When I became a mother, something changed drastically in me.

Surprised by motherhood and how it changed my future,

Things seemed so much better, when I had a child to nurture.

  I didn’t even realize how much joy a child could actually bring.

We thought we had it all, until we were blessed,

And chosen to take care of a little human being.

  We feel complete with the overwhelming love we have for you.

We thought we had that love before, when it was just us two.

  Who could have known you brought a missing piece into our lives.

I’m so happy to share with others that I’m a mother and a wife.

I feel so fortunate and fulfilled as we make our future.

It might just be us three, but I’m so proud to say, “This is our family.”



My Advice To You

My advise to you.png white copyright


Do the best you can and live day by day.

This is my advice to you, my beautiful daughter.

Take the time to breathe the air and feel the wind blow through your hair.

Treat people with kindness and have helpful hands.

Feel grateful for what you have and give as much as you can.

It’s not how bad the storm is, but if you can dance in it while it passes,

this is going to be the key to life and true happiness.

Shhh…be still and listen. Do you hear His words?

Open your eyes. Have you seen the blessing you have been given?

When you give Him that glory, He will beam down on you.

You will learn this by having faith in God.

He will guide you through it all, sometimes big or small.

My dear daughter, just remember the sky above you has no limits

and there is nothing you can’t do.

This, my beautiful daughter, is my advice to you.

With all my love,



Summer Days Are Here

Summer poem2006 copyright


Summer days are here, picnics and parties with family and friends!

Fun filled days playing and swimming at the beach and pool,

Sipping lemonade to stay nice and cool.

The summer season brings laughter and cheer.

I’m so glad summer is here!

Enjoying and spending it together,

I will cherish making memories with you!



A New Day

A New Day copy righted


As I watch the first morning light shine,

Through the window upon your face,

I ask myself, “What should we do today?”

We get to spend it together, you and me.

Learning, creating, and playing new things.

Fun exciting life awaits us two—

Spending everyday exploring with you.



Precious Sweet Hands And Feet

hands and feet white copyright

Once upon a time you had precious sweet hands and feet,

Watching you grow so fast, catching every moment in my heart,

Desperately trying not to miss a beat.

  Your little hands will grow strong and helpful and touch the lives of others.

Your feet will walk through life and explore the world and its experiences.

  The years have gone by so fast and in a blink of an eye,

You soon will go on your way.

As long as God is watching over you, I know that you will be okay.


Thank you Godps2Final


Thank you, God, for watching over me.
My parents would like to thank you also.



God Will Give You The Grace

The Grace of God


If you were to be anything and find success, what would you be?

Believe in yourself and the power of your own resolve to overcome obstacles.

With this in mind, you can accomplish truly amazing things in life.

Let God’s light shine upon your face.

He will give you the grace to adjust in this challenging world,

The grace to do what you know you cannot do alone.

He will be there helping you do anything you set your mind to do.



When A Child Gives You A Gift



When a child gives you a gift, like a shell found on the seashore,

Feel grateful. It might be the only thing she has to give,

And she has chosen to give it to you.



Change Of Seasons

Fall Poem 2011s


I watch you in the warm afternoon breeze, shaded by the trees,

Enjoying the last days of summer.

Fall is in the air…

Autumn’s mosaic colors will soon paint the land.

The fall leaves will play and dance upon the ground.

It’s a beautiful panoramic portrait to view,

The amazing symphony of sounds that autumn brings to me and you.

A splendid picture of beauty, love, and harmony,

Autumn will soon be here…

It is absolutely our favorite time of the year!



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